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The Secret Box...

from Retail Box :)

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I was delighted to hear that I would be receiving a Secret Box to review from Retail Box (box number 14). I had heard about them before and I had seen the box advertised on social media, but I wasn’t quite sure how it differed from a previous “sample box” I used to be subscribed to. I really should have investigated sooner because this box is unique and definitely worth trying out! 

I walked into the office one morning to find it on my desk. It was beautifully packaged and I knew immediately I was in for a treat. Even more of a treat was when I opened it and realised they give you FULL SIZE PRODUCTS! Yes, this is one box that definitely makes it well worth your money spent.

Inside were the most yummy smelling hair products I’d ever encountered. I think the name gives it away - they really do smell like milkshake! The smell in my office had my tastebuds activated all day :)

The 3 full sized products in the secret box were:

  • Milkshake Integrity Nourishing Shampoo 300ml (R250)
  • Milkshake Integrity Nourishing Conditioner 300ml (R250)
  • Milkshake Incredible Milk 12 Effects 150ml (R244)

Milkshake products are inspired by nature, they only use natural ingredients like milk, yogurt proteins and fruit extracts.

I was itching to go home and take a bath right there and then, but i waited patiently until 5pm that afternoon. The shampoo and conditioner smelled amazing - they are both suited to all hair types and both are formulated to nourish your hair. The shampoo foamed nicely on application, which is great considering it’s paragon, sulphate and sodium chloride free (yay for natural)! :) The conditioner felt soft in my hair and when I rinsed it out, I could feel the silky soft effect it had created. It contains organic Muru Muru butter which has a deep nourishing action.

Afterwards I towel dried my hair and put in the Incredible Milk 12 Effects, which is a leave in treatment. As soon as i worked it through my hair I could feel it detangling. 

As its name states, it has 12 Effects:

  • Repairs Hair
  • Frizz Control
  • Prevents Split Ends
  • Heat Protection
  • Long Lasting Hairstyle
  • Incredibly Detangling
  • Magnificent Shine
  • Adds Body and Volume
  • Easier Ironing
  • Protects and Maintains Colour
  • Protects from UV Rays
  • Smoothes the Cuticle

Now while I can’t attest to the items such as “it repairs, prevents split ends, protects colour etc.” as that I would only know after long-term use, I can definitely substantiate the claims that it controls frizz, detangles, adds shine, creates easier ironing and adds body! This it definitely did do and it’s for this reason that I will be purchasing this miracle product in the future.

I went out that evening feeling confident that my hair smelled and looked great! I had a compliment that evening and couldn’t help but grin and tell them about my new product range ;)

I cannot wait to see what else the Secret Box has in store in upcoming months. For only R299, this box was absolutely worth it, especially considering the value of the box contents is R744. Stay tuned to their Facebook page for news about when the next Secret Box will be released. You can buy the current box here.

Take a look at the full Milkshake range here. I am very excited to try their Glistening Serum and Sparkling Glaze next :) :) 

Bye lovelies, now I’m off to buy a (drinkable) milkshake! xxx

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