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That's Amore Ristobar

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Just book already!
That's Amore Ristobar, in Parktown North surprised me in ways I didn't think possible, made my tastebuds experience things out of this world, and made me one seriously happy girl! I know you normally leave statements like that for the end of a review, but this restaurant is so exceptional that you probably shouldn't even read the rest, just make a booking already. 
If you need more convincing...
We arrived really early for supper, around 6ish. The place is really small but that's just another aspect that makes it so special. It's intimate and you are treated like you've entered someone's home. 
We were given a wine menu to look over and asked if we wanted anything else to drink. I ordered my usual hot lemon water and had a look at the menu.
There was Italian music playing at the perfect volume, not too loud so that we couldn't hear each other talk, but not too soft that we couldn't hear the (foreign) words. They even played their name sake song "That's Amore"... 'When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's Amore'! Yes, I was in my happy place. It made me seriously question why I hadn't visited Italy yet!
The fully fledged Italian owner came up to our table and asked us if we would like some fancy named bubbly spritz. I politely declined as I had already decided on the house merlot. As you'll see, I soon regretted turning that offer down.
Time to order
We were given menus, the options weren't too broad, the menu was a double sided A4 page, but let me tell you, every single item on their menu looked mouthwateringly appealing. The items were in English as well as Italian. Our wonderful, friendly and knowledgeable waitress came up to us to ask if she could go through the menu with us. She recited the entire menu to us with very descriptive explanations of each meal BY MEMORY. I was impressed, again (this feeling off impress happened often). 
We debated, it was a difficult choice, but I finally decided to try the Patccheri Alla Puttanesca, which was fancy homemade pasta (Patccheri di Gragnano), with neapoltan sauce, olives, capers and oreganum. My companion ordered the Gnocci Alla Sorrentina, which was gnocci with a cherry tomato sauce.
While we were waiting for our meal, we were brought two fried dough balls as appetizers. I forget the name now, but WOW. Something so different and tasty. They definitely tickled my appetite.
I saw a table nearby getting the spritzers that were originally offered to us in the beginning. I watched their reactions of "wow" and "that's delicious" and finally gave in, called the water and ordered one. Their reactions were justified, it was refreshing and perfectly balanced.
The food arrived. I didn't even have a chance to wonder when it would come. Everything at this beautiful place happens at the perfect timing.
Picture perfect food. The display looked like it came straight out of masterchef. Even saying that feels insulting to this place. It was flawless. I absolutely relished every second of eating that meal. I appreciated every bite, every taste sensation, it was PURE BLISS. I usually always ask for black pepper, especially for pasta, but it didn't even cross my mind until after I'd finished eating. It was perfect in every single way. The Gnocci as well!
Have you ever seen such picturesque food? I even told my companion that I am selling my life and moving to Italy. Or I'd be happy to just live in the restaurant for a while ;)
I overheard a conversation where they were discussing that the owner had just recently learned English. Before that he could only greet his customers with a friendly "hi!" because that was the only word he knew. Before the night was over he came to our table again to see if we enjoyed, I had to hold back from jumping on him and giving him a giant hug, instead I told him his food was brilliant. I think he could see on my face and in my excitement that I was being 100% sincere. 
We ordered a dessert to share, the Panacotta. I had never actually tried Panacotta before but it's always been on my 'to-order' list. This specific one was a basil panacotta with strawberries! What a taste sensation! This photo is after we had already dug in ;)
I finished my delicious spritzer and what was left of my fancy merlot, and we asked for the bill. It came with mini tic tacs! If you know me, you know my obsession with tic tacs, so this was just the perfect cherry on top of a fabulous night. 
The prices are slightly expensive compared to your regular Italian Restaurant. But this is NOT a regular place and I completely feel their prices are justified with the amount of effort that goes into each dish.
I have never been to a restaurant where I haven't found a single fault. Please go to this establishment, you really have to try it, especially if you're an Italian lover [or an Italian food lover ;)] Go with a smile and a light heart. This place is filled with happy souls. 
Visit their website and find their contact details here.
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