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Sound Therapy at The Saxon Spa

Pamper time

I was lucky enough to be spoiled yesterday with a signature treatment from The Saxon Spa called Sound Therapy. I did some research beforehand to see what it was all about, but all I could find was what was in their brochure: “The Signature Sound Therapy is unique to the Saxon Spa and Studio and takes you on a spiritual journey using sound. Gongs, cymbals, Tibetan singing bowls and bells are used through the vibration of sound to balance and restore the body’s natural energy centres. The treatment is performed on a heated water bed with colour therapy to enhance the effectiveness and rebalance the flow of your energy.

I have always loved singing bowls since my first encounter with them a few years ago. The sounds they create promote healing from stress disorders, pain, depression, and some forms of disease. Our brainwaves are said to synchronize with the sounds that cause us to go into a deep state of relaxation.

Sounds amazing, right? I was pretty excited!

I arrived 30 minutes before my appointment as my booking form suggested. I was blown away by the class of the Saxon Hotel. I was treated to valet parking, welcomed with smiles by everyone I came into contact with and directed to the spa elevator. Everything was so glam and beautiful. This was the entrance to the spa:

I gave them my name and I was taken on a tour of the spa. At this moment I was disappointed that I was only coming for one treatment! Everything looked fantastic and the service was impeccable!

I was given a key for my personal locker. Inside it was a gown, slippers and a towel, as well as a few nice extras including a mini brush, disposable panties and a shower cap. The changing rooms had hand creams, dental kits, shaving kits and complimentary bottles of still and sparkling water. There was a hairdryer in the downstairs change room, but I didn’t see one in the upstairs room.  The showers had very nice smelling shampoo and conditioner, shower gel and a loofa.

I put on my gown and slippers and locked away my clothes and valuables. I went and had a cup of yummy herbal tea while I waited to be called for my treatment.

My (punctual) therapist called me into the Sound Therapy room. She showed me the Tibetan singing bowls and asked me to hold one in my hand as she gently struck it so that I could feel the vibrations. Amazing! This is what singing bowls look like in case you haven't seen one before (they make the most beautiful sounds):

I went and lay down on the heated water bed (on my tummy first) and I was told to keep my eyes closed. She explained that I would be on my tummy for about 5 minutes and then I would turn over. She said that she would be playing for about 45 minutes and the last 15 minutes I would just be able to rest in the tranquillity. It would have been nice to have my eyes covered when I was lying on my back, just to have some of the light blocked out (and to make it more peaceful), but non-the-less, I was very happy.

She started playing the bowls (by tapping or striking them with a mallet), and each bowl had a unique sound and vibration which was meant to balance and restore my centre. It really was beautiful. During the treatment, various bowls were also placed on my body at special points and these were also played so that I could feel the vibrations moving through my system. There were also giant gongs behind and in front of me, which formed a part of the therapy. A lot of the time there were sounds coming from so many different places, I stopped trying to figure out how she could be in more than one place at a time ;)

Before I knew it the 45 minutes had passed and in that time I had definitely tranced out and fallen asleep a couple of times (I never fall asleep during massages). I don’t think I had ever felt so Zen before. I kept disappearing into my own mind and coming back again. It was really fantastic. I lay for the last 15 minutes just enjoying the peace and quiet and the feeling of my whole body being stress-free. I was getting a little bit bored after 10 minutes though, they could probably shorten the "rest" time a bit.

After the treatment I explored the other amenities on offer to clients. I soaked for a bit in the heated Jacuzzi and I visited the floatation pool. You aren’t meant to be in the floatation pool for longer than 10 minutes due to the high salt content. At the end of playing in the "pools", I had a shower (they have a stunning rain shower head) and got dressed, sad that it was all over.

After all my spoils, I left feeling so tranquil and at peace with everything in the world. I could see it when I looked in the mirror and my friends even noticed throughout the day. 

The Sound Therapy costs R790 and is 60 minutes long. You can get all the details about other services they offer and their contact details here.

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