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My Soy Candle Obsession

and a discovered gem of an online shop

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Why I love these candles
Soy candles are wonderful and one of my favourite beauty treats. My house is filled with all kinds of different candles, mostly soy and scented ones :) I love the different gorgeous smells and how relaxed they make me feel - my home is a tranquil place and the candles help me maintain that atmosphere.
Soy candle wax has a much lower melting point compared to regular candle wax, so it is really nice and warm on your skin and it won't burn you. The softness can't be compared to regular cream, it's a lot more silky. Just in case you're wondering what soy wax actually is, it's a vegetable wax derived from soybean oil :)
The benefits:
  • Water-soluble (spills can be cleaned easily)
  • Derived from soy beans (normal candles are derived from petroleum)
  • Lower melting point - they last longer than regular candles
  • They are NATURAL :)
  • They smell amazing (they're usually combined with essential oils)
  • They're clean burning and have no toxins, so they're less likely to trigger those sensitive allergies
  • The melted wax is very moisturising for your skin 
My favourite picks
I had heard about soy candles a while ago, but I only ever tried my first one about a year ago. Since then I have tried plenty and they've become a regular piece of decor in my house ;)
Just before a bath, I light a candle and then when I'm done I blow it out and use the melted wax as a body moisturiser. My skin loves it and soaks it up with a smile! I've loved all of them, but there are some that stand out as my favourites.
The Soy Lites Range
The Soy Lites range is AMAZING. They have such yummy flavours and so many different types to choose. The aromatherapy candle in Harmony (rose, geranium & jasmine) is probably my fav, closely followed by Balance (neroli, cedarwood and lemongrass)! The smell of these candles makes me so warm and fuzzy inside. I really love the scents. They melt at a good speed and the "spreading" process is a pleasure. They sell for around R150, are a nice size and burn for 50 hours! You can also buy them in travel tins for around R53 each with a 20 hour burn time, which is going to be very convenient when I go away soon. You can get these from Faithful to Nature's incredible online shop.
Another goodie is the Soy Lites Body Massage Soybalm. This isn't a candle, you just use your body heat to spread the balm on your skin. You can use it for massages or just as a general moisturizer. I love this and keep it nearby for whenever my skin needs a bit of extra moisture, or if my lip ice is out of reach :) It retails for R99 for 50ml from Soy Lites' website.
I look forward to trying more in the Soy Lites range soon!
Earthsong Eco Massage Range
The Earthsong Eco Massage soy candles are wonderful! Yay! This candle is fantastic on all levels. It's big, it lasts long, it's well priced and it smells delicious. I tried the "Joy" flavour.
The Earthsong Joy candle is an earth & people friendly mix of coconut & soy wax blended with natural essential oils to moisturise your skin, & bring light, fragrance & aromatherapy to your room. Scented with spicy ginger and uplifting lemongrass.
This candle is absolutely fantastic. I was really surprised by the small amount you need to cover your entire body. A little goes a long way with this one, which means it lasts longer than the others. It's also a nice big size, and priced at R107, it's definitely worth it! It smells absolutely divine and the whole bathroom is filled with this wonderful scent while I'm having my bath. My skin feels softer than ever after I've applied it and it lasts for a while (my skin is still soft in the morning when I wake up). 
I was a bit confused when I opened this candle, because there was a stick across the top with a shell tied to it, and I wasn't sure if it was just "decor" or if it was meant to be used for something. I was trying to work it out for a few minutes, but I ended up removing it and just putting it aside. There's also a wooden ice-cream stick type thing that you can use to apply the melted wax to your skin. That was quite helpful and saved me dripping wax on the floor. I can't say anything bad about this candle and suggest you go buy one now :)
Faithful to Nature Online Shop
During my candle-hunting mission, I came across the most FANTASTIC store! Faithful to Nature is an online store based in Cape Town (but they deliver nation wide). Everything on their website is organic and natural. They have a wide range of products and they are just the most wonderful people. I also LOVE the incense from them! It's natural and green and it doesn't make a mess when it burns (it all stays in one piece).
Each packet contains five different aromas, and a free ceramic holder. The incense is environmentally friendly as it contains no charcoal or bamboo and the fragrance is long-lasting, with easy ash collection. It is the first incense invented with respect to nature in the world.
Please go check them out (and buy a few candles while you're there). They have everything from organic shampoo, to kale crisps, to juicing machines. I'm hooked and will be placing another order very soon. 
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