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My first time
My first experience tasting a Cadbury's Marvellous Creations slab was when my brother sent me one over from Australia. It had Jelly Beanies and Popping Candy pieces covered in delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk milk Chocolate. I was in love. I tried so hard to eat it slowly, but within a few days, the extra large slab was all finished and I was a sad child.
The launch
I felt so lucky, because literally less than a month later, it was launched in South Africa! :) The South African version has Black forest jellies, popping candy and Astros. I bought one as soon as I could, and it was just as delicious! The chocolate is so creamy, it melts in your mouth and you want to savor it for as long as possible. The popping candy is such a treat and creates such a delicious sensation in your mouth. It takes the experience of chocolate eating to a whole new level. 
The pop-up store
I finally had the chance to go to the pop-up store last night. It's at Sandton City (by the Clicks entrance). 
When you arrive, you're greeted by a very bubbly, overly-excited lady dressed up carnival-like. She explains to us that we need to buy a slab of the chocolate for the retail price of R29.99 and for that we get two little packets which we will use to make our "Marvellous Creation". So basically, you're paying the normal price for the slab of chocolate and you're getting the two treats you'll be making as an extra bonus for free! How amazing is that?
We bought two slabs so we were each awarded two treats each. SUGAR-HIGH ALERT. We took our packets to the ingredients section where we were able to each choose 3 ingredients. I chose popping candy covered in chocolate (of course!), pieces of oreo biscuits and mint crunch. There are quiet a few to choose from, but I won't spoil it, you must go and see for yourself ;)
The ingredients were put into the packet and then placed into a ball. The ball is then placed into a wheel which is attached to a bicycle. The happy-bouncy lady asked me to get on the bicycle and start riding as fast as I can to mix up the ingredients :) What fun! 
We then went to choose whether we wanted a chocolate muffin or slab of chocolate (I chose one of each). The lady then lays out your mixed up ingredients on the chosen base of your choice and pours melted chocolate over it. Absolutely delicious!
Oh, and they also have a stunning concept where you can upload an image from your phone to Instagram or Twitter using their hashtag #MyMarvellousCreations and it automatically syncs to a machine they have there, where you can print out your photo for free :) It was such a nice touch. Great initiative by BrandRocket
I was on a sugar high for the rest of the night and I was wide awake still at bed time, but it was all SO worth it. I suggest you go and try it while it's still there - it closes on the 21 June, so hurry!!
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