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Thank you Kim Wilkins!

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Rediscovering my love for reading
It's been a while since I've lay down and read a really good book. I used to do it often, but then time gets carried away and suddenly lots of time passes and I haven't read. I won't say for how long, it's embarrassing. 
Good news though is that my mom recently recommended a book to me. Well, she actually took advantage of me being sick one day and came and dropped it off in my hands. She knows if she just verbally tells me to do it, it will never happen. 
Enter into my life... Kim Wilkins!
The addictive book she handed me was "Autumn Castle" by Kim Wilkins. The next few days it was glued to my fingers and I couldn't put it down. I had at least 3 hours less sleep a night. I was happily lost in a world of fantasy, a world with faeries, witches and a shapeshifter, AND they visit our world. 
Goodreads summarizes it pretty well without giving away too much: a woman's world is turned upside down when her childhood friend, abducted as a young girl into a place of magic and myth, returns. But now jealousies and betrayals threaten to destroy them both. 
I can still elaborate a bit to give you a better feel for the book.
The story centers around Christine Starlight (sole survivor of her family's car accident) who is living in Berlin with her boyfriend. She discovers that her childhood friend (who was abducted when they were kids) was actually stolen by faeries and is now queen of their land (Ewigkreis). It has a very dark twist to it, there's a serial killer and you're lead to visualize some pretty gory details, but there's also lots of beauty and things you can only dream of seeing in reality - that's what books are for!
This book will stay with me for a long time and I really recommend you read it as soon as you can! 
Next up
I've just started the next one from her collection... Grimoire! It seems really good so far. I will write a review once I'm done.
I am just happy that I'm finally back to reading regularly and getting lost in an alternate reality. It's the best! Especially for a daydreamer like me :)
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