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Darling Jane's Gorgeous Bath & Body Products

Daily pampering compulsory

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Treat time! :)
I stumbled upon this beautiful store while browsing Facebook. Darling Jane is unique and al naturale. Everything is homemade and good enough to eat (literally). 
These were the products I decided to buy for myself: 
  • Chocaholic set (a Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Scrub and a Chocolate Mint Lip Scrub) - R85
  • Chocolate Lip Balm - R25
  • Stress Away Lavendar Bath Salts - R45
  • Detox Bath Fizz - R65
  • Cafe Latte Bath Fizz - R65
All the products are fantastic and they smell AMAZING, but the two I like the most are the Cafe Latte / Detox Bath Fizz and the Chocolate Mint Lip Scrub. 
Cafe Latte and Fresh Detox Bath Fizz
This product has an awesome texture, and it literally fizzes when you throw it in your hot bath!
Cafe Latte: The room becomes engulfed in the scent of coffee! It's wonderful. You can feel the soft texture on your skin while you're soaking in the bath (and you'll see little dissolved pieces of coffee floating around). 
Detox: This one has a wonderful, fresh peppermint smell which also scents your bathroom after you've tossed some in the bath. Peppermint is know for its soothing properties when used in the bath, so I always use this one when I need some extra relaxation after a long day.
Chocolate Mint Lip Scrub
Now this is a super fun (and tasty) product. If you're obsessed with chocolate, like me, then you're going to find it hard to resist sneaking a taste of this while rubbing it on your lips. I did and it was yummy! While using it I looked liked I'd face-dived into a rich, decadent chocolate cake. It was really funny. After exfoliating my lips with this product, they felt a lot softer and ready to absorb my lip-ice (which I didn't need to apply so often). Exfoliating is so important! 
Get some for yourself
They have such a fantastic range of products, go have a little peak at their online shop and I'm sure you'll love them as much as me :) :) and because you're all so special, I've organised 25% off for your purchase, just use the promo code "famdiscount" during checkout to apply your discount (valid for 2 weeks only) :)
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