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Africology Skin Renewal
Serum Review

and a chance to give back...

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Africology uses 100% natural essential oils, natural plant extracts and is eco friendly and I LOVE them because of this. They always have the most amazing products, and now they've come up with an amazing campaign to match! From 10 July to 31st of August, for every Skin Renewal Serum ordered, Africology will donate all proceeds from the sale to Babies Behind Bars, a non-profit that assist mothers in prison whose children are born during their sentence. 
Africology kindly provided me with a product sample so that I could review it and tell you all about it. It's recommended for dry and sensitive skin - I have been struggling with very dry skin lately, so this came at a good time. I was very excited to start using the Skin Renewal Serum! 
The main ingredient is Padinami, which is a brown algae and a highly performing anti-ageing active ingredient, which is know to improve skin's firmness. It is cultivated in the Mediterranean sea and Jojoba oil is used to carry it. It aids in restoring elasticity and makes the skin look younger and reviltalised. 
Before bed that night, I applied it to my skin (with the convenient dropper built in to the lid), then I waited a few minutes to apply my regular night cream. The serum has an oily texture and absorbs really well, and my dehydrated skin lapped it up welcomingly. I also adore the smell of this product with all of its essential oils. GORGEOUS!
After using this product for over a week now, I am very impressed with the effects. My skin is noticeably softer and more moisturised. You can use it day and night before your usual creams, but I have chosen to just use it at night.
I will be sure to get more of this once my sample is used up, there's nothing I love more than falling asleep smelling (and feeling) beautiful. The Serum retails for R690 for 30ml and can be bought from Africology's website - and just a reminder that if you buy one by 31 August 2015, Africology will donate all proceeds from the sale to Babies Behind Bars! 
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